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How to use space bags

Space bags have been designed to be easy to use

Just how easy?

Space bags . net will show you:
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Fill your space bags bag

Fill up with whatever you want to store away from air, water, dust and mold. Space bags are made from a special material to keep your things water and air tight.

Notice how the whole end opens up to make space bags easy to fill

Seal your space bags bag

Close the space bags Sure-Zip seal with your hands. This creates a strong air tight seal

This is a major breakthrough, previously vacuum sealing was limited to industry, where the bags were heat sealed. The Sure-Zip seal lets you vacuum seal at home, and unlike heat sealing, space bags are reusable.

Vacuum your space bags bag

Your vacuum cleaner's hose fits into the socket where there is the space bags one way valve The patented space bags valve lets air out but does not let air back in.

You can be relaxed while using your space bags. There's no, "quick close it before the air sucks back in"

Each of your space bags comes with a neat cap to protect the valve.

Enjoy space bags bag

Job done

Your items should take up a lot less space when stored in your space bags, and you can enjoy the extra room.

If you like testing, put your space bags in the bath, you will find that they are water tight.

As the space bags package is dust proof, you can store clothing in the loft, attic or basement.

Space bags make the unthinkable, thinkable.

Space Bags quick fact: space bags have been made since 1994 and have been continually improved

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