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What makes space bags special?

Space Bags, manufactured and improved upon since 1994, are really special.

You have seen the pictures of space bags compressing things. They are amazing.

But what is space bags patented secret?

Shhh it's the patented space bags valve, the patented sandwich bag zip and the high tech space bags material.

Let's take a closer look at space bags.

Space bags valve

space bags valve

Here we see a space bags air valve. It is designed to be one way, the air gets sucked out of space bags, but it does not get sucked back in again. The special one way air valve is patented so you will only see it on space bags. Notice the snap on cover? How nice and thoughtful. It neatly protects the space bags valve for you.

Space bags seal

space bags seal

Called a Sure-Zip the space bags seal is, yes, you guessed it, patented. Imagine a giant sandwich bag, with a giant sandwich bag seal. That's the thinking behind the space bags seal. The space bags Sure-Zip is an airtight closure mechanism, so is very powerful. Yet you simply squeeze it closed with your hands.

Space bags material

space bags material

Lesser bags may be made of regular plastic sheet. Not space bags. Space bags are made from something called "frosted bag material".The formula is nylon + polyethylene = improved durability. The material is also air and water tight and has the flexibility and strength to hold the powerful space bags vacuum seal.

Space Bags quick fact: you can put your space bags under water they stay water tight

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