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How much can you store in space bags?

Space Bags store more in less space by your vacuum sucking out the air. Think of the air in bulky sweaters and jumpers or in a fluffy plump duvet and you can imagine how much storage area space bags can save you.

In our space bags pack, you get 2 space bags:

  • 1 sized 36 x 48 in / 91 x 122 cm
  • 1 sized 22 x 34 in / 56 x 84 cm

36 x 48 in / 91 x 122 space bags

This is one hungry space bag use it to store two double bed sized duvets or 6 pillows. Pretty bulky stuff, imagine the drawers of other clothing these space bags would swallow swallow.

22 x 34 in / 56 x 84 cm

Take ten of your favorite sweaters or jumpers, make them flatten down with these space bags. Unseal months latter, and whoosh they pop up to size. Now think of all those cute soft toys who could be living happily in space bags, instead of fearing mold, moths and dust.

Space Bags quick fact: After Hurricane Mitch, relief supplies were rushed in in space bags

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2 LARGE sized 22 x 34 in / 56 x 84 cm
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